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Welcome to the new era of menswear sewing. Go ahead and create something exceptional!


BurdaStyle Web Seminar – Demystifying Menswear

I thought you might be interested to know that I’ll be talking about menswear over at BurdaStyle this Thursday!  I am really excited (and even more nervous!!!) to be giving an hour long live web seminar called Demystifying Menswear: Style, Fit and Professional Sewing Techniques.


BurdaStyle was my introduction to the online sewing community and it is still one of the websites that I visit for my daily dose of sewing inspiration.  It was a great honor when they contacted me requesting I give a web seminar about menswear and so I swallowed by (IMMENSE) public speaking fears and accepted the challenge as a bit of a pathway towards self improvement and as another way to do one of my favorite things: show people that sewing menswear garments really isn’t that scary (unlike public speaking haha).


I’ve broken the presentation into several categories, all aimed at familiarizing you with some key menswear sewing techniques (think flat fell seams, the pants fly, and basic elements of tailoring).  We will be discussing these sewing techniques in the context of Button Up Shirts, Trousers and Jackets.  We will then take a look at menswear sewing resources such as my favorite books, what I consider to be the most inspiring blogs, and great places to look for tools and tailoring supplies.


The web seminar is $19.99 and takes place on Thursday, Oct. 9th, 11:00 am (EDT).  It is a live presentation, which means that you will be able to sit at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee and your notes while I sit at my kitchen table with the same!  The BurdaStyle webinar format consists of a slideshow presentation and live speaking.  Matt has set up a really nice microphone for me so I should sound pretty clear and the slide show that I’ve made is full of lots of inspiring menswear photos and is quite visually pleasing (if I do say so myself!).  I’ve dozed through my fair share of university PowerPoint presentations laden with lists of facts so I’ve done my best to avoid overwhelming you with text.  Most of the information I plan to give will be verbal so I suggest you have pen and paper ready (or simply listen/watch to the recorded version of the presentation whenever you need to refer to the information in the future!).

If you aren’t available this Thursday, you can still register for the webinar and listen/watch it as many times as you like as a recording.

I hope you’ll join me this Thursday as it would be really nice to have a few familiar faces (not that I’ll be able to see you) in the audience!


Introducing our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions Kit!


I’ve been so excited to show you the newest item in our shop:  Matt and I have assembled Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kits!

We’ve included all the notions you will need to give your carefully sewn pants that professional finishing touch.  The kit comes in two themes: Antique Brass and Gun Metal so you can match the tones of your fabric choice to the warm or cool tones of the kits.

Each kit includes a zipper, a jeans button and six rivets.  To help you install your zipper, you can refer to our Fly Front Video which we created as part of our Jedediah Shorts Sew-along.  And, to learn how to apply your button and rivets, all you need do is to read Matt’s excellent tutorial! Plus, to REALLY encourage you to get pants sewing, our Jedediah Pants are currently 25% off until Friday, October 10th! Use the discount code “HAMMERTIME”!JeansKit-24

The zippers we chose are 6″ (Aqua/Brass) and 7″ (Grey/Gun Metal) to suit most casual pants patterns.  For instance, our Jedediah Pants require a 6″ zipper but a 7″ zipper would do nicely for the larger sizes or can be shortened to suit your needs using tutorials such as this excellent one by Jacque Goldsmith for Threads Magazine.JeansKit-15

The zippers are Talon 42 metal zippers which are strong and very classic in appearance.  Talon is an American company who began in 1893 under the name Universal Fastener Company and they were and still are used by many of the major jeans manufacturers.  After all, they are the company that actually invented the zipper!    You can read an interesting short article on the history at Rawr Denim.JeansKit-26

The rivets are unmarked with brand names and look very professional when added to pockets.  Matt’s tutorial is extremely in depth so that you will be confident when you apply them to your pants, but really, it is VERY simple to do!

JeanRivets-27Simply push the silver pin through the fabric and into the rivet cap.  Hammer lightly against the silver base until the rivet is tight against the fabric.  The pins are long enough that they can be used through several thick layers of denim but can be snipped with pliers or side cutters to suit whatever thickness you are encountering.JeansKit-17

The buttons we chose are light but strong with a classic oak leaf design.  I love the dark background against the antique brass color!  The buttons are applied in the very same manner as the rivets using a slightly larger pin.  The metal shank on these buttons makes it easy to button or unbutton even heavy denim jeans. JeansKit-27
I hope our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kit will help you in your pants sewing odyssey this winter!  I plan to use the Gun Metal colored kit with a couple meters of our new Grease Canvas to make my dad some pants – I’ll show them to you once they are done!


More Finlaysons!

I hope you aren’t tired of looking at Finlayson Sweaters yet because I have loads more to show you today!  The weather is really cooling down here (we turned the heat on for the first time in months last night) so looking at cozy sweaters while simultaneously being bundled up in one is a great way for me to embrace the chill!

Thanks to the talented sewists who shared these photos either on line or by emailing them to me!  I hope you are enjoying your Finlaysons!Finlayson collage Marielle

Mariëlle van Toor (submitted by email)

Nicole's sweater

Nicole Bertram

more Finlaysons

Ellen Sand | Anna (submitted by email)

Finlayson variations

Sewing Dutch | Sewing Dutch | A Needle For Your Thoughts | Ana (submitted by email)

geometric finlayson

Erin (submitted by email)

What a talented bunch of sewists!  Even though the Finlayson Contest is now over, please don’t refrain from sending me photos of your Finlaysons – as you can tell from all my blog posts lately, I love nothing more than seeing what amazing garments you make with our patterns.  Happy Sewing!

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Finlayson Sew-Along: Winners Announcement!

Today I am really excited to announce the winners of our Finlayson Sew-Along Contest!  Thank you to everyone who busily sewed and submitted their entries.

Let me tell you, it was a super tough decision to choose these winners!  But, we managed to whittle the choices down and, without further ado, here they are!

The winner of the Canadian Entry Prize: $30 Gift Certificate to Simplifi is Natasha for her innovative use of shoe laces!


Natasha used a printed shoe lace instead of twill tape to finish the neck seamline and the raw edges of her kangaroo pocket.Natasha

I think the result looks really professional and goes with her fabric choices perfectly (organic cotton sweater fleece and corduroy cut from a pair of old pants).  I’ve seen all sorts of interesting printed  and coloured shoe laces at department stores, shoe stores and even skate shops so I think it would be far easier to find a nice printed cotton shoe lace for your Finlayson Sweater than the same quality printed cotton twill tape (judging by what is available at my local fabric stores).  Thanks for the great idea Natasha!Natasha3

The winner of the Third Prize: A $30 Gift Certificate to Girl Charlee is Tina Wheeze for her awesome alpine sweater!

ski jumper

The contrast sleeves are a great way to make such a bright print less overwhelming and I really like how she used the print for the cuffs.

Second Prize: $50 gift certificate for Britex Fabrics, goes to Jackie for her Star-Wars themed Finlayson.Angua4

The contrast collar looks lovely paired with the textured blue knit.  And I really like how she used both the twill tape and facing to completely personalize the sweater.


PLUS, I love the effort and humor that went into Jackie’s Star Wars comic!

And, drum roll please!  First Prize is a $100 shopping spree at Hart’s Fabric and this awesome gift certificate goes to Ann Kin for her impeccably sewn Finlayson Sweater.  The fabric choice is so classy, the fit is spot on and the contrast collar is such a nice detail.

Ann Kin 4

Most impressive, though, is Ann’s careful stitching.  Just look at THAT:Ann Kin 2

Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge THANK YOU to all the participants of our Finlayson Sweater Contest!  Emails will be going out to the individual winners so that you can claim your prize :).