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In the Studio: Friday Night Sewing!


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Last Friday, Nicole and I sewed together for an evening (after both sewing for our jobs all week :P).  We both had big plans for productive sewing but ended up talking more than we sewed :P.  I guess that’s probably pretty common when sewing in a group – I’m so used to intense and quiet focus while sewing!

Blog-1Nicole began sewing a Finlayson Sweater for herself and I finished sewing a Grainline Studio Portside Duffle and began a Papercut Patterns Midsummer Night’s Dream dress – totally not seasonal but I really wanted to work on a super pretty, ‘icing’ style project :).

I’ll show you the finished projects in a later blog post!  I love how my dress turned out!  You can see Nicole’s Finlayson and a bunch of her other amazingly productive recent sewing projects in her latest blog post.

4 thoughts on “In the Studio: Friday Night Sewing!

  1. OH! Not sure who owns that kenmore with the green knob but I just got the same model a week or so ago! Unfortunately mine is having a tension problem and needs to go to the shop for fixin. Still exciting to see others with the same vintage model as yours going strong 🙂 Looks like you guys had fun 🙂

    • I hope your tension problem is solved! As soon as it is, you’re going to really enjoy your new machine! My Kenny was given to me by my mother-in-law and I love it! It has served her well for many years and I anticipate it will do the same for me :). It’s so solid and runs very smoothly. I haven’t had a single problem with it yet and am so relieved to have a heavy metal machine after years of cheap and light modern plastic domestics. I’ve very used to my industrial machine so it is always a shock to switch to a little plastic domestic when it comes time to sew a buttonhole or use a zig zag stitch.

  2. Sewing with friends is so much fun! Last week my friend Melissa came over and we sewed together for three hours or so. And it was awesome because she could help me when I got confused by directions 🙂

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