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Five Things of Intrigue


Happy Friday!  Matt and I are really excited for the long weekend :).  We’re heading back out to our new favorite camping spot for three nights!  We’re bringing fishing gear and a kayak this time as well as enough rain gear and tarps to allow for a fun weekend despite the rainy forecast.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of five sewing-related things that I’ve found inspiring and intriguing of late.

teach me fashion

First off, a fairly new pattern company has come to my attention, called Teach Me Fashion.  They are a mother and son team based out of Australia who are approaching the idea of an indie pattern company a little bit differently.  Their patterns are for sale through their Etsy store but instead of receiving both a pattern and instructions, you receive the pattern and then sew the design while watching the corresponding Youtube video!  The video’s can be viewed by anyone, even before purchasing the pattern, so I highly recommend you head on over to watch one or two of them – you’re going to be impressed!  The filmography is incredibly clear, the pace, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect, and Heather’s voice is lovely and calming.  One interesting aspect of instructing through video is that Heather has been able to provide very clear instructions for draping techniques – something that is not very easy to do through illustration and written instructions!  And, as the cherry on top, they offer a free design, their two-tone singlet, so head on over to download it right away!


The second thing inspiring me, of late, is a website called Denimhunters.  Denimhunters is an online men’s lifestyle magazine with, of course, a focus on jeans.  They currently have a feature on making your own jeans which, I think, is certainly relevant to us sewists!  I’ve really enjoyed reading several of their articles such as this one on zippers, their round-up of jeans for women (I’ve never been able to find comfortable jeans and would choose a dress over jeans any day), and this article on denim worthy sewing machines.



In relation to this last website, the third interesting site I’ve been visiting is one that I have mentioned in the past but is worth reminding you of: TaylorTailor.  On this blog, Taylor, a male sewist, documents his sewing experiences in the most amazingly clear and detailed manner.  I can only dream of slowing myself down enough to approach sewing in the careful and systematic way that he does (why can’t I????).  Not only does he blog about his high quality hand-sewn jeans, canvas bags, and self drafted patterns, he also has a small online store in which he carries the essential notions and fabric needed to make jeans yourself!

To finish off my list of inspiration, I have number four and number five to present to you – two very inspiring sewing projects!

1000 jeans

The first is a recent project and is in theme with the rest of my inspiration list: $1,000 Jeans blogged at The Confident Stitch.  Don’t these look amazingly professional?!

military minoru

The second is an older project (last January I believe) that I have been admiring of late: The Military Style Sewaholic Minoru Jacket blogged at Cut Cut Sew.  Matt and I met Tasia, the owner of Sewaholic, recently during her Vancouver Island holiday.  She was just as lovely, easy to talk to and brilliant as she appears on her blog.  We had a SUPER long lunch talking and talking about the million things we had in common when it comes to running an indie pattern company and being small business owners.  I am glad we live fairly close together because I really look forward to hanging out with her again!  Now that I have met the inspirational woman behind my favorite pattern company, I am even more eager than I previously was to sew myself a Minoru Jacket for the Fall.  This will be the next project I sew for myself and, before I start it, there is a pleasantly large rabbit hole of inspiration for the Minoru Jacket on the internet!  This Military Style Minoru is perfect, in my opinion, and it really makes me look forward to spending time creating careful and straight top stitching :).

Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Five Things of Intrigue

  1. Thank you so much, what a great compliment! My Minoru is by far my most favorite project ever….I wear it constantly when the weather is cooler. Can’t wait to see your version!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I will be getting the minoru pattern very soon.

  3. Thank you Morgan for such great links! I already have the two tone singlet in my sewing list: their approach is different from the others indie and I’m always interested in learning new things and new approaches! hope you had a wonderful weekend at the camping! bye!

  4. Thank you for these links, they all sound super interesting! I’ve set the goal to sew my own jeans this winter and these sites will have to be added to the research!

    • Good luck with your goal! It sounds like a few people have made the same one this winter (I haven’t formally made the goal for myself yet but I am certainly headed in that direction).

  5. I’ve sewed up the two tone singlet twice now and it has turned out great! Guess that’s another recommendation for them! Enjoy the rainy camping!

    • That’s great to hear about your experience with the singlet! Thanks for sharing :). It was rainy but we were really protected in the dense forest so it wasn’t too soggy for us!

  6. Great info –
    Thanks for sharing. In particular the jeans information as I want to tackle jeans this winter!

  7. Enjoy the weekend! . I have followed Taylor Tailor for a while ,admire his approach,ethics and his work is impeccable !!! I intend to shop there for the next denim acquisition! I will check out the others,seems interesting.

  8. Thanks for the links. Very intrigued by Taylor Tailor. Have fun camping!

  9. Such good links!

    I had not heard of Teach Me Fashion until this post, but I am definitely interested in that shirt! Thanks for sharing these.

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