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In the Wild: Camping in a Finlayson


In the wild banner - smallcamping finlaysons 2camping finlaysons 4We thought you might like to see the Finlayson samples in action!  They’ve been getting loads of wear this summer – both on Matt and on me!  We wore them camping and they were the perfect weight to keep our backs cozy as we sat around the fire and the evening air became chilled.camping finlaysons 3

Isn’t the lake lovely?  It is about an hour away from our house and is called Gosling Lake.  There are all sorts of campgrounds in this area but I think the one we found is the best one :P.  It is a completely free camping site complete with a rickety little dock, our own personal beach, a gorgeous lake over which the sun set directly in front of us, a resident beaver…and we were the ONLY ONES THERE!

camping finlaysonscamping finlaysons 5 Our little yellow Volkswagen barely made it over some of the boulder-sized obstacles along the gravel logging roads but it was well worth the struggle to get away from the full and load common campsites.  We plan to head back up to our secret site soon, this time equipped with our kayak and some scrap wood to reinforce the crumbling dock.

5 thoughts on “In the Wild: Camping in a Finlayson

  1. oh how i miss camping in the wilderness! i have so many fond memories of lake swimming, trekking and moose-watching from when i was little…

  2. What a fantastic find–hope it stays “your secret” 🙂 And so cool that you’re going to rebuild the dock!

  3. What an amazing place! I’d love to read the details/changes you made for your Finlayson sweater Morgan – it looks great 🙂

    • It’s actually Matt’s Finlayson…stolen by me! It is a size Small with absolutely no changes – just sewn in a drapey fabric. It is too big for me in the shoulders and too long in the arms but it’s awfully comfortable! I’m going to make myself a size XS for the sew-along and will go into detail about the changes I make (there aren’t many though!).

  4. That lake looks AMAZING! How cool that you guys have your own secret spot now. And of course the two of you look adorable in your sweaters 🙂

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