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In the Studio: Fabric Shopping


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Last weekend my friend Nicole and I went fabric shopping at our local Fabricland.  I picked up fabric for the upcoming Finlayson sew-along and Nicole flew around the shop systematically picking out an entire wardrobe worth of fabric – I was so impressed!  My style of fabric shopping consists of confidently striding in through the fabric store’s front door only to slow to an overwhelmed shuffle once I reach the first display of fabrics.  I then walk around for way too long running my fingers over all the fabrics until I have successfully forgotten what I had come in to buy.  At that point, I find myself at the cutting table with completely random (but gorgeous!) bolts of fabric.  Nicole evidently has a lot to teach me!  Check out all the fabric she purchased to create a work wardrobe for her new job in a physiotherapy office over on her blog!

Here we are very natural and un-posed as we considered the lining selection. Decisions, decisions!

Fabric Shopping edited

6 thoughts on “In the Studio: Fabric Shopping

  1. I fabric shop the same way you do. I touch every bolt that interests me, and then at the end buy something I didn’t need. I’ve started taking a list with me, and that helps. Still is an all day adventure though.

    • I’m glad your list approach is helping! I need to remember to bring mine out of my purse…I always leave it in there thinking I’ve remembered everything that is on it :P.

  2. I actually tend to be more restrained in my purchases if I’m with friends. I love to see what others buy and it’s like Incan experience the fabric vicariously through them. On my own, I usually end up with what I came for as well as yards of impulse purchases. Oh well, there are worse things! 😉

  3. Fun! I’m terrible at fabric shopping with friends – I need lots of time to circle around and around and around the store! In the final lap I start picking things up… and if I forget about a fabric I’d been eyeing, then it wasn’t meant to be! I try to have a mental list (or a list on my phone, if it’s boring stuff like notions that I won’t remember!) I think at least 50% (75%?) of my wardrobe comes from Fabricland… which does make it awkward when I get dressed to go fabric shopping, because somehow I feel odd wearing clothing reconisably from there! It’s just so cheap though. Love it!

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