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In the Wild: Arrowsmith Tank for Women


In the wild banner - medium

Arrowmith for women

I’ve been on a menswear as women’s fashion kick of late and it looks like others have been too!

Head on over to Punkty odniesienia to hear the whole story about how this tank morphed from an old vest into a shirt for her husband and then into a shirt for herself!

2 thoughts on “In the Wild: Arrowsmith Tank for Women

  1. Hi. downloaded the Arrowsmith Tank and wonder if it could be totally coverstitched or serged so no need for bindings? Thanks!

    • Hi Linda! The bindings are used to finish the neckline and armholes so if you were to turn under serged edges along these openings to finish them you would end up with far bigger holes. This is because you would not be adding the approx. 1/2″ that the binding contributes and you would not be using the binding to help the holes retain their shape. The binding is drafted to be smaller than the neckline and armholes so that prevents the openings from stretching out when the garment is worn.

      All this being said, please feel free to experiment with this top! As you can see in the example in this blog post, the sewist didn’t apply the binding in the same way I recommend and she even added a woven band to the bottom of the shirt. The Arrowsmith is a great blank canvas to practice all sorts of finishing techniques on! Happy sewing :).

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