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In the Studio


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Welcome to the second weekly feature that I will be including on the blog (the first is the In the Wild feature that I began on Tuesday)!  Thursdays will include a little pictorial look at the Thread Theory studio.  And here is the first scheduled glimpse!

Matt and I have been busy packing patterns with the very generous help of my blogger – and now real life – friend Nicole Bertram!  She’s a sewing instructor (and yoga instructor) who has just recently moved to the Comox Valley so if you are from the valley and have been following this blog with hopes of learning how to sew – she is the sewing instructor for you!  Check out her website for all sorts of sewing inspiration (and her many awesome versions of the Newcastle Cardigan).

I know a sewing studio isn’t normally comprised of a living room floor and a kitchen counter…but ours most certainly is!  Thread Theory is largely fueled by home made pizza (yum!) and pattern packing parties (fun!).  Thanks for your help Nicole!

7 thoughts on “In the Studio

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  2. Neat to see where all the creativity and hard work happens and fun that you have a good friend to share the tasks with. I work from home too and that’s mostly a positive thing, although my sewing machines live in my work room too. Now that requires will-power!

  3. Nice idea, having a connection to what we consume feels right! Don’t clean up the studio too much tho, those of us doing doing handwork amid our creative mess might not be able to imagine ourselves sharing that yummy pizza there with you. LOL love your business philosophy.

    • I don’t think my studio will ever be in danger of becoming too clean :P. On the reverse end of the exchange, it’s lovely having a connection with the people consuming our patterns! I hope they’re heading all over the world to be used and enjoyed during sewing and pizza nights too.

  4. Pizza and sewing buddies is a wonderful combination! 🙂

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