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Something for Matt and something for you! A Girl Charlee Giveaway


IMGP9590 Today you are witness to my latest victory in the world of men’s fashion – Matt has officially decided he likes wearing prints!  Wahoo!  The world of menswear fabric shopping just became SO MUCH MORE FUN for me. IMGP9594 This awesome cotton/spandex knit came from Girl Charlee – an online fabric store where the most beautiful printed knits that are perfectly suited to the Strathcona Henley and T-shirt pattern exist in abundance. IMGP9587 I had a lot of fun planning out how the stripey ‘Aztec’ inspired print would fall on the tee.  I cut the neckline binding so that it would feature one of the smaller designs so that it wouldn’t look too wild and then, when Matt tried the un-hemmed t-shirt on, we decided it would be neat to end the sleeves and the t-shirt hem at the same section of the pattern for a bit of consistency.  I think little decisions like this (plus a conservative sleeve length and overall style) help to calm the impression made by the wild print.  It’s all a game of balance!IMGP9584 I’m learning that it’s best to snag Matt for a photo shoot when he’s planning to do something that keeps his mind off the awkwardness of posing for photos – in this case, he was just about to ride his bike to work this morning.  (By the way, I would be remiss not to ask you to admire his bike a little after he so patiently posed for me!  He just finished repainting it and re-assembling it after switching it from a regular mountain bike to a fixed gear bike, isn’t he clever?!) IMGP9583 Now, to share the fun I’ve been having sewing menswear with prints, Girl Charlee has very generously offered to give one of you readers a $30 gift certificate to their store.  They are one of our newest PDF pattern stockists so now you can head to their store for a one stop shopping experience when you next want to sew up a pair of knit Comox Trunks (for example)…which, coincidentally, are the PERFECT platform for the most wild of prints – only you will ever see how crazy they look! IMGP9579 To enter yourself in the contest for this $30 gift certificate, simply leave a comment explaining what menswear garment you would want to sew in a Girl Charlee knit fabric.  The winner will be chosen this Friday, July 18th so head on over to Girl Charlee right away to pick your knit and then leave a comment below.  Have fun planning your garments!

164 thoughts on “Something for Matt and something for you! A Girl Charlee Giveaway

  1. I’d go with a T like in your photo that way I know dh would wear it!

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  3. ooh! i just finished a pair of comox trunks for my boyfriend, and have been browsing girlcharlee ever since you mentioned them in one of your blog posts about buying knits. i like some of the heathered greys and denim knits, and would want to put my strathcona henley pattern to use 🙂

  4. I’d love to make the Comox trunks in some interesting prints.

  5. Nice tee! (and nice photos!)

  6. I would probably make this t-shirt as well. It’s a perfect design for getting guys to try prints!

  7. I’m new to garment sewing so I think I’ll need to start with something fairly easy like the t-shirt. Hubby is pretty conservative so would likely select a solid for him. Thanks!

  8. I would make a long-sleeved Henley Shirt, with a subtle print, contrasting binding.

  9. My husband loves fun and crazy prints.. So hands down the Comox and a tee for him. We recently found some fun waistband elastics that would go perfectly with some crazy prints!

  10. I would sew a men’s tank with the Turquoise Olive Peach Aztec jersey fabric on the website! It is so awesome. I love it. How awesome will that be for summer?

    • That would be great! Someone else mentioned that fabric for a Strath which I thought would be perfect with black sleeves. Now I’m seeing it as the tank maybe with a tiny black pocket and black binding :).

  11. I’ve had to Strathcona Henley and Tee pattern for months and I bought the wrong fabric (ribbing) which I wasn’t prepared to work with! Some new fabric would be a great opportunity to make him both the tee and the henley. He likes heather solids, so maybe this and this !

    Love Girl Charlee! Ordered some great fabric for leggings earlier this year and I wear them constantly. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  12. I would sew a shirt for my husband; unfortunately, he has not yet become accepting of prints so it would have to be a dark, solid color.

  13. I would LOVE to see my man in some striped Comox trunks! (He’s super particular though so I’m practicing up my skills by making things for myself in the meantime 🙂 hehhe)

  14. I’m thinking the Henley would be first on the list; so glad to see patterns for MEN!

  15. Would love to make up some crazy colorful Comox trunks (looking at you galaxy prints!). Would love it even more if hubby would be willing to wear them 🙂

  16. I would love to try out the henley! Great combo of fabric and pattern!

  17. I’d love to make a Strathocona Henley!

  18. I think my spouse would love the long sleeve henley. Thanks for the giveaway and inspiration!

  19. Id try the Strathcona Tee in the heathered grey blend knit at girl char lee, but I might get a little crazy and try making it a v neck since that’s his favorite!

  20. i’d love to make up the strathcona Henley for my husband because I’ve wanted to make him something forever, but have been scared that it’d end up something he’d never wear, but henleys are his garment of choice!
    girl charlee is so dangerous – too many cute prints!

  21. Henley! I love your patterns and I can’t wait to make some for my husband.

  22. I would like to sew the Cormox trunks in some striped gray fabric and then a wild print as well!

  23. Would like some swimwear fabric to make a rashguard.

  24. My husband loves henleys, so I’d probably tackle that one first!

  25. I would love to be able to make my husband t-shirts and polo shirts. He is so tall so it is very hard to find shirts that are long enough for him.

  26. I’ve never sewn for men before! While the pants look great, I think I would wait until I’d mastered pants to tackle that bridge!! I think I’d do the long sleeve top with Dark Gray Heather Solid Cotton Jersey Tri Blend Knit Fabric. I also love the cardigan and jacket too!

  27. The Henley for sure!! Love these patterns!

  28. My husband only likes solids or minimal patterns so one of the heather knits for the henly pattern would be perfect.

  29. I would use the medium gray Heather knit for my son. He loves solid colors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Oh I love girl charlee. New sewed for a man so is start with the henley or strathcona tee 🙂

  31. I love girl charlee! My guy definitely needs some more tees, so I think I could use some good cotton solids to make up some basics for him 🙂

  32. My hubby is pretty conservative so I’d make him some Comox trunks in the gray jersey with navy stripes.

  33. I have a cart full of stuff on Girl Charlee! This would totally help me pull the trigger. 😉 I would try my hand at a nice basic Henley for my husband!

  34. My hubby needs some good solid colored Henley’s in heathered blue and green!

  35. I love Girl Charlee, they have such a great selection of knits! I really want to make some henleys this fall for my hubby and teenage boys.

  36. I’d like to make a short goldstream peacoat from the navy blue sweatshirt fabric. I think it would make a neat fall jacket, almost like a fancy hoodie.

  37. …oh, a Newcastle cardigan! I’ve just taped together my pattern, and am debating fabric right now!

  38. I’d totally expand my husbands’ comox collection after finding out he really likes the Oonapalooza version I made him (and entered into the contest btw), only to venture out and make him a Finlayson for fall/spring season when his current green one is way to hot but a tshirt would be to cold 🙂

  39. I’d be making a plain T-shirt from the Strathcona pattern. (No patterns for my hubby!) He’s fallen in love with the feel of bamboo and organic knits–that’s as far as he’s willing to stretch.

    • That’s just as nice if not even nicer than sewing with prints! I love working with bamboo knits – I’ve sewn with everything from a thick bamboo sweater knit to a super thin bamboo jersey and every time I end up being super happy with the results. Happy sewing!

  40. I would definetly whip up a few strathcona tees. Joel always needs more!!
    And maybe a few crazy print trunks while Im at it!!


    Thanks for letting me know about girl charlee!! This is the 1st time I have visited their store, and im blown away by the amount and fantastic prints!!

  41. Definitely a T-shirt! (Lots of T-shirts, because how can I pick just one knit…)

  42. My husband loves the orange henley tee with a black collar that I made him because he can wear it on Orange Fridays (when the SF Giants have a home game), so I’d probably make him another tee but with Girl Charlee’s orange and heather gray stripes. Go Giants!

    • That’s awesome! It would be fun to try appliqueing a baseball to the front or maybe taking a more subtle approach by attaching a tag with the logo to the hem. Pretty soon he’ll have a whole orange wardrobe!

  43. I’m loving the Aztec print and would choose the turquoise olive peach Aztec ethnic cotton rayon jersey to make my hubby his very own Strathcona Tee, a pattern we love in our house 🙂 –

  44. I think I would go with the Comox trunks.

  45. I would sew a men’s tank top in Girl Charlee knit.

  46. My husband has some store-bought long-sleeved polo shirts (made out of a knit). He really likes wearing them and I would love to make him something like that… if only there was an awesome pattern for something like that to match the awesome fabrics from Girl Charlee… hint hint!!! 🙂

  47. I would have to make the trunks for my hubby and son. Thanks for the chance.

  48. I sew all kinds of things in Girl Charlee knits! But I definitely have plans to use some of my Girl Charlee fabrics for a few Strathcona tees 😀

  49. I loooove Girl Charlee fabrics! They really know what they’re doing over there.
    I would probably copy the t-shirt/Henley you just made exactly, in various prints, and make a few girly versions for myself while I’m at it. But Jon can always use new t shirts.

    • I bought enough extra fabric that I could make a girly version of the Aztec tee too and am seriously considering it (with the risk that Matt and I may start to look a little too matchy matchy :P).

  50. Ok, so I just ordered the comox trunk pattern kit. I guess I’ll be needing some fabric for the second pair. Love the idea of the kit. Very cool!

    • Great!!! I hope you have fun sewing with the kit fabric – the fabric maybe isn’t so adventurous as some of the Girl Charlee prints but it’s deliciously soft and hard wearing – I hope you enjoy sewing with it!

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