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Tutorial Contest Prize Packages

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Tutorial-Contest-titleNow that you’ve had a chance to think over submission ideas for our Tutorial Contest, it’s time to show you the prizes!

First off, the prize pack for the winner of the Super Useful Tutorial category:

Very useful tutorial prize

The prize pack includes a Comox Trunk Supplies Kit with the tissue Comox Trunk pattern, a $50 gift certificate to our store (that’s what’s in the folded brown paper with the gold sticker), and some really nice quality pattern drafting or tracing tools (from Goldstar).

These tools have sturdy (and pretty!) wood handles and pointy parts that are actually functionally pointy – it drives me crazy when cheap plastic sewing tools are supposed to contain sharp points only to be dull and quite useless in reality.  The awl is perfect for marking dart points on patterns and of course, creating holes in projects when inserting grommets or rivets, and of course, working with leather.  The needle point tracing wheel will make short work of tracing a pattern onto cardstock or, most importantly, tracing the changes you made on your mock up back on to your pattern.  Are you curious about how this works?  Take it from me and from this blogger, with whom I wholeheartedly agree, it’s accurate, fast and downright awesome!

Second, here is the prize pack for the Very Beautiful Tutorial winner:
Very beautiful tutorial prize

This pack includes two patterns of the winner’s choice (I’ve picked our two most popular patterns here – the Newcastle Cardigan and the Jedediah Pants), a $50 gift certificate to our store, and three useful sewing tools that I selected when I was perusing through the amazing sewing mecca that is Modern Domestic in Portland, Oregon.  The treasures I found include a big tin of glass headed pins (in the manly colors of blue and white), a Merchant & Mills tape measure, and a neat little square of Thread Heaven which is a thread conditioner and protectant.  Modern Domestic carries all sorts of brands which I don’t see in my local chain fabric stores – it was refreshing to pick through such a large selection of products that had all been thoughtfully designed by small enterprising sewing companies!

The last prize pack goes to the winner of the Social Butterfly Tutorial category:

social butterfly tutorial prize

This pack includes a $50 gift certificate to the Thread Theory store, a bar of Otterwax, a box of Merchant & Mills glass headed pins and two half metre pieces of cozy cotton knit hailing all the way from Sunni’s store, A Fashionable Stitch, in Salt Lake City, Utah!

While we were in Salt Lake City in April, we paid Sunni a visit and I was in fabric heaven while perusing her store – she had such a great selection of wools and laces (seriously…I’ve never seen such lovely lace in my entire life!) and she also had a really comprehensive selection of other fabrics.  I was in a Comox Trunk mindset at that time after the success of the Comox Trunks Sew-along so Sunni generously traded some of her gorgeous striped knits for one of our Newcastle Cardigan patterns.  I think both of these knits would make incredibly soft and relaxed Comox Trunks that would receive heavy rotation if they were placed in a man’s underwear drawer.  And they are just unusual enough in appearance to push a conservative man’s color and style boundaries!  Plus…wouldn’t it be fun to play with stripes with this pattern?


It’s been exciting to receive some very enthusiastic emails full of tutorial ideas so far!  I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for tutorials, even if you won’t have time to make them yourself.  I will keep your ideas in mind for when I go to make tutorials in the future…or you could pass your ideas on to someone who might be thinking of entering the contest themselves :).

What do you think? Leave a comment for me :)

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