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New today! French Instruction Booklets


French Instructions 2

I have a big announcement about another free addition to the Thread Theory store was just launched today: French translations of all our instruction booklets!

We’ve worked with a French speaking sewer and our French speaking graphic designer to translate our PDF booklets so that people who have bought our patterns in the past, whether it be from stockists or from our website, will have access to the instruction booklet, complete with translated diagrams and metric measurements!

Now here is the [small] problem: We’re still working on perfecting these and need your help.  Neither Matt or I speak French so we hope that any of you French sewists who use these translated booklets will send us an email ( if you notice incomplete translations or measurements that you would prefer to be in metric.  We’ll continue to perfect the booklets based on your suggestions!  Some of the content still in English is in red text – these things are the priority items that need to be translated.  Also, some of our measurement charts are not yet in metric because I’m hoping that French sewers will send us their opinion about how they would like these to be formatted: For instance, do you prefer if BOTH metric and imperial measurements are included?  Or do you like if only metric measurements are given?  Do you seamlessly transition between both when it comes to measuring seam allowances or determining fabric amounts (I know I do…it drives Matt crazy!)?

Thank you for your opinions and assistance!  I look forward to hearing from you.


Merchant and Mills on Instagram

Next up on Thread Theory updates: We recently joined Instagram!  I’m excited to use it to give you behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Thread Theory studio and information about developments before they are announced on the blog or website.  And based on what our latest teaser featured, you can probably predict what I’ll be busy with today: Uploading Merchant & Mills products to our store!  Stay tuned for an in-depth post about this amazing and inspiring company as well as the beautiful and very functional tools that we will be carrying in our store.

Have a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “New today! French Instruction Booklets

  1. I’m so happy I was able to help you with this 🙂 I hope it will bring more and more French speaking sewers to make your patterns !

    • It already has! Thanks so much for all of your translating help, Clémence :). We are really happy to have our instructions available in French and look forward to sending you more patterns to translate in the future!

  2. Wow, this is nice! I can read English but it’s not the case for all French sewers, it’s really nice of you to translate your instructions. 🙂
    About the imperial/metric question: we don’t use the imperial system at all in France. I discovered it when I started looking at sewing patterns/tutorials in English and fabrics in the UK/US. I have one measuring tape that has a side for each system, but I think most people in France (and maybe in Europe?) can’t measure in inches.

    • Wow, I knew that imperial wasn’t commonly used but didn’t realize that it wasn’t even included as a second option on measuring tools! I guess I’ve always taken my tools featuring both systems for granted. Thanks for this information!

  3. Hi. Many countries use metric rather than imperial measurements, including Australia. So I think it would be beneficial to list measurements in both on all of your instruction sheets.
    In fact you might find that metric is the standard used in most countries, with only USA, Canada & UK being non-conformist!
    And while we’re in suggestion mode, I know I would find it helpful if you made note of what seam and hem allowances have been used on the pattern pieces (like Kwik Sew does) as I don’t always print out the instruction sheet (as I do not generally need them being an experienced sewer).

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for the great suggestions! I agree, that would be really helpful to have seam and hem allowances noted on the pattern and we will certainly do that from now on :). An excellent and easy idea to implement!

  4. exciting news! french is my mother tongue, and even though i sew mostly in english (because most of the pattern offerings are in ebglish, i suppose), my sewing-french is pretty decent. i’d love to help out! i have been meaning to make a pair of jeds for my boyfriend for ages… i’d be happy to help out for future patterns as well, proofreading and such, if that would be helpful. and also, YAY for instagram!!

    • Great, thanks! Good luck sewing up your Jeds, we would be grateful if you sent any translation comments our way! I will add you to our test sewers list so you can help out next time we are preparing a pattern (soon!).

  5. Hmm, if you are interested in german translations of your instructions, let me know…

    • Thanks for the offer :)! We will keep it in mind for when we plan to expand to other languages (it will probably be a while but I am sure we will be adding more languages in the future!).

  6. Hurray!! I am following you guys on Instagram!

  7. I am perfectly bilingual (born and raised in QC to a french-speaking dad and american mom) so I would be glad to help with the translations. The only problem is that I sew PRIMARILY in English (that sounds silly), but I think I could figure things out.
    Also I just bought the Jedediah pants pattern (waiting for it in the mail). I will have a look at those instructions and make comments if necessary!

  8. I like to use both metric and imperial (I switch between both, as well – very Canadian, I guess). Can’t wait to browse your shop!

  9. The metric system is not only useful for french speaking people, in Europe, almost everybody uses metric system.
    So both metric and imperial measurements in the English version would be so great as well (especially since metric is a little bit more accurate when it comes to sizing etc.)
    Great idea to translate them!

  10. Thanks a lot for making this dream come true ! Though I’m not having problems understanding english, I appreciate a lot the translation !
    I let you know about my opinion !

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