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Sewing Indie Month: Coco Tutorials


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Sewing Indie Month is just over half way over but there are still loads of great tutorials and events to come!  Today, my Coco hacks have been published on Tilly and the Buttons.  Head on over to Tilly’s blog to check out what projects I’ve been working on and to get the Coco pattern for yourself!  Its an excellent canvas for countless different variations.  You could have a closet full of garments sewn from this pattern and I don’t think anyone would realize that they stemmed from the same design.

7 thoughts on “Sewing Indie Month: Coco Tutorials

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  2. Oh I love those Coco hacks! Especially the ones with the lace at the hem and at the neckline…gorgeous…you are a great saleslady for that pattern!!

  3. Hello! Just found you via Tilly and the Buttons. Loved today’s tutorial. It’s lovely to find a company that provides sewing patterns for men. I love the look of your designs, hope my husband agrees as I would love to make something for him for a change.

  4. I enjoyed your tutorial! Just this morning I found an almost finished but too plain kimono tee on my sewing table – maybe what it needs is some bleach! Speaking of wearing the same pattern all the time and no one noticing… that’s basically my Me-Made May pledge this year! i’m wearing the same pattern every day for a week – Here’s my Jalie Raglan tee round up as an example! 😉 I love being able to get so many variations out of just one pattern. Saves on $$ and time spent fitting new patterns!

    • What a great idea! Your fabric choices and hem changes really work to create original looking garments despite the actual raglan sleeves being quite distinctive. Aside from saving $ and fitting time, sewing like this saves crazy amounts of sewing time and also fabric for me – the more I sew a pattern, the quicker I get at sewing it (and the more changes I make to the construction to add details that I like) plus, the more familiar I am with a pattern, the more likely I am to delve into my stash to mix scraps of fabric rather than just heading to the store to buy new.

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