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Sewing Indie Month: Our interview by Dixie DIY


Dixie, of the pattern company, Dixie DIY, has posted the Q&A she did on us on her blog today!  If you are wanting to get to know Matt and I and our pattern company a little better, now is the time to get reading!  Thanks, Dixie, for the great (and funny!) questions (example: she wonders how Matt reacted to my Comox Trunk inspiration “research” :P).


In other news, have you noticed things are [starting] to look a little different around the blog?  I’ve been inspired by some awesome blog re-decorating sprees around the web (have you seen Oonaballoona or Mokosha‘s new blog looks?…so pretty!) so I decided to give it a try myself.  I have a cold right now so a day in front of the computer is just the rest I need to get better!

It’s slow going because this is NOT my area of expertise by any stretch of the term.  I’ve managed so far to:

  • Update our header
  • Remove all the excess (and ugly) links from above and below the header
  • And, most importantly, use the “Image” widget to convert some of our links to pretty graphics.  I have no idea if that is how I was supposed to do this but, after too long hopelessly sifting through Google searches, I decided that it was the only way I could figure out and so it would have to do!

Are you familiar with WordPress blogs?  I would love your suggestions about how to spruce this place up!

I still have lots of work to do. For example, I want to:

  • Figure out how blog following services work (they are such a mystery to me!).  I am thinking of introducing Blog Lovin or Feedburner so that there are more ways than subscribing by email to follow our blog.  Is that something I can do with a WordPress blog?  I hope so!
  • I’m going to clean up the actual pages that the side bar graphics link to so that you can find all sew-alongs, posts, photos and information about each pattern in one place).
  • I also somehow would love to make the header link back to our home page instead of having the link “Home” at the top right of the blog.  What do you think…is this possible???

Thanks in advance for your help!  If you got through these boring blog update lists and my pleas for help, then I have a reward for you: Check back first thing tomorrow because we will be releasing a new pattern…FOR FREE!

12 thoughts on “Sewing Indie Month: Our interview by Dixie DIY

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  2. i use bloglovin’ as my reader, and all you have to do is register an account and claim your blog. they have buttons with code you can grab and add to your sidebar so people can easily click to add you to their reader. i don’t know a thing about web design, so if i can figure it out i’m sure you can too!

  3. P.S. I bought the Goldstream Peacoat pattern today from Guthrie & Ghani (in the UK). I’m going to look for suitable fabric this weekend.

  4. Love the new look. I also follow on Bloglovin! – people will just add you on their blog roll, but you should register as you can ‘claim’ your own blog & then monitor how many are following you, etc.

  5. Great interview, it’s nice to learn a bit about the people behind the company.

    I also follow on Bloglovin like the two posters above. It’s a great way for me to aggregate all the blogs I read rather than having to visit a dozen different web pages.

    I’d be happy to give you some guidance/assistance with getting the blog to look how you like (webdev is my day job) if you have some specific goals in mind.

    • Bloglovin sounds great. Is it something that readers use on their own accord or is there a way that I can add a Bloglovin “follow me” button to our homepage? I would LOVE if you could help me with a couple things – we would happily trade patterns for your time! I’ll send you an email with more details…thanks!

  6. I actually follow you on Bloglovin already. And I’m excited about this new pattern! I think i’ve seen some glimpses of it around the interwebs already 🙂

    • You’ve seen glimpses of the version that we gave to Sew It All for their TV show and magazine…head on over to our website this morning and you’ll see the freshly released version!

  7. I love Bloglovin’. It is easy to use as a reader and it is easy to manage as a blogger. BTW, I am not the only one following you on Bloglovin.

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