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Spring Sewing Inspiration – Planning a project?

Are you planning a sewing project right now?  I’ve compiled a few different sources of great inspiration if you are planning to sew up a spring Newcastle Cardigan or Goldstream Peacoat.

I find spring is the best season of inspiration for me (as it is for many, I am sure, since it is a season of renewal and fresh starts).  The sun has come out here and there over the last week and there are daffodils just about to bloom under the cherry tree in our front yard!  Yet…as I speak I am currently huddled up inside with a cup of coffee instead of out rowing this morning (my Mom and I are on a dragon boat team) because it is rainy and windy today!  Needless to say, spring can be difficult season to dress for.

I think the Goldstream Peacoat and Newcastle Cardigan are excellent designs to manipulate into spring layering pieces so that the men wearing them are prepared for sudden rainstorms and to shed layers when the some comes out.  Here is a post full of proof of this and inspiration for you!

A couple days ago, MainlyDad (who happens to be sewing the Jedediah Pants at the moment) kindly sent me a link to an excellent article with MANY photos and an excellent write-up explaining why a shawl collar cardigan is the “essential spring layering piece” – if you are planning to sew a Newcastle Cardigan, this article will have you more than sufficiently inspired!  Just take a look at some of these gorgeous examples:

sncardi(Images sourced from:

I really like how the cardigans have been styled as both middle layers and top layers and are displayed as both casual and dressy.

I’ve compiled some of your cardigans on our new Thread Theory Pinterest boards.  Have a look to see how the sewing community styles the shawl collar sweater!

The Goldstream Peacoat can also by sewn for spring by using a lighter wool or alternative fabric choice.  Have you seen these Spring-ready Goldstreams popping up around the sewing community?  This denim version is a really interesting and unique spin on a peacoat:


And a light colour wool makes this a great early spring peacoat – nice and warm but not at all dark and wintery in appearance:


Here are some sources of styling inspiration for you if you are planning to sew up a Goldstream in the near future:


It is quite common to see shorter peacoats like the one above as spring attire.  It would be easy to achieve this look using the Goldstream Peacoat simply by slashing and overlapping the main body, facing and lining pattern pieces along the “Lengthen and Shorten Here” line.

And here are two gorgeous bits of additional proof that a spring peacoat really doesn’t need to be made in wool:



Now lets finish off this inspiration post with the Strathcona Henley and my absolute favourite version I have seen yet!  Check out Brittany’s wonderfully relaxed henley:


Brittany opens her blog post: “I love a man in a Henley.  Seriously, aren’t they sexy? Am I all alone in this?” Nope, you certainly aren’t alone!  I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

Are you inspired now?  Do you have some more sources of inspiration for Spring menswear to add to the conversation?  If so, comment with a link below!


Another new pattern launches on Monday!

This week has been a whirlwind of Thread Theory excitement and activity after the Goldstream Peacoat tissue pattern launch and things won’t be slowing down soon (which is a good thing!).  This coming Monday, March 17th, we will be launching the first pattern designed to be part of our Alpine Collection.


Alpine Inspiration Board - photos


The Alpine Collection will be released throughout the coming year, one pattern at a time.  It will include patterns designed to create hard wearing garments suited to outdoor adventure.  We’re starting from the base layer up as you may have noticed in the sneak peek photo that we showed you a few weeks ago!:


Blog Edit-1


The newest pattern will be available as a PDF and tissue sewing pattern in using the same style of packaging that you loved from our Parkland Collection.  It will also be available as a complete kit which you will have an option to purchase either with or without the sewing pattern.


kit sneak peek


As you can see from the photo above, the pattern itself will be available in a large range of sizes – size 24 to 36 are regular sizes and size 39 to 45 are graded with plus size proportions.  You can also see that the pattern will be only a ‘two needle’ difficulty level.  We hope that newer sewers will be encouraged to advance their skills by carefully following the thorough instructions (they even walk you through setting up your machine for the fabric required).

We are currently in the midst of creating a sew-along for this new pattern, so get your pattern and fabric as soon as it is available so that you can join us for a chance to win an awesome prize package (more on this next week!).

We’re looking forward to Monday, I hope you do too!

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More News: A U.S. Sewing Bee




Please note that I am not being sponsored by/re-reimbursed for writing about the following company.  I’m just choosing to do so because I thought our readers might be interested in the following opportunities:

Casting Flier Sewing-5


Not long after I posted about The Great British Sewing Bee casting call, I received another email informing me that The Sewing Bee is coming to the US!  They are looking for sewers in the NY area of which there seem to be no short supply.  The casting call ends fairly soon, so if you are interested, get your applications in fast!  Interviews are being conducted over the next two weeks so speed is of an essence.  Good luck to all who apply!


Today’s the day: The Goldstream Peacoat tissue pattern is available now!

Today marks the completion of Thread Theory’s very first collection (The Parkland Collection).  Head on over to our shop or to one of our great stockists to buy the Goldstream Peacoat Tissue pattern and begin your next sewing project.


It’s just in time for the Australian winter and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, you can either sew up a light spring version (maybe as a wearable mock-up for next winter) or give yourself lots of time to create next year’s perfect coat.



Happy sewing!  We can’t wait to see your versions (check out the Goldstream Pinterest board to check out the one’s we’ve come across already).


U.S. Road Trip: Sewing Related Itinerary


Our road trip into the states to film an episode of Sew It All in Golden, Colorado, is just a little over a month away and we (Matt, Matt’s parents and I) have all been busily gathering ideas for our shared road trip.  Mine (and some of theirs) have of course been sewing related and I am thrilled with the opportunities we will be having to meet people who’s blogs I read and whose stores I have wished to visit!

Along the way I will be gathering sewing related souvenirs not for myself (well, maybe some for myself) but for three menswear sewing prize packs that we will be giving away in May and June as part of an exciting competition that we have planned for you!  There will be more info on the competition when we are back from the road trip at the end of April, but in the meantime, I am still taking suggestions of places to go and people to see when we head south across the border.  If there is a sewing store that you love or wish you could shop in, please mention it so I can add it to our list!


We have lots planned for Portland and might not be able to accomplish it all (but I still want to try!).

Modern Domestic 2

We will be stopping in to meet the lovely people at our Portland stockist location, Modern Domestic.

Pendleton 2

I’ll be heading to the  Pendleton Woolen Mills Outlet to drool over luxurious wools for our Goldstream Peacoat pattern.

And we’ll be checking out Mill End as per several people’s very convincing suggestion.


We’ll also hope to have time to see The Museum of Contemporary Craft and will be having a nice dinner at one of my father-in-law’s favourite restaurants, Andina.


Have you been to Boise, Idaho?  I haven’t come across or been recommended any sewing-related sights for this city yet.  I would love to hear of some as I am sure there are many great fabric stores and sewing studios in the city.



Of course, we couldn’t go to Salt Lake City without stopping in at Sunni’s store, A Fashionable Stitch.  Thank you, Nikki H. for letting us know that this is where Sunni’s store is!  I loved the outfit Sunni created for the Project Sewn “If the shoe fits” challenge (pictured above) and love that she also altered and re-lined her man’s velvet jacket (described in the same post) – what patience and skill!



(Image courtesy of The Cottage Mama)

In Golden, we will of course be busy at the Sew It All studio filming an episode of Sew It All TV!  On top of this, we will be going all out that day and will head to Denver after we’ve filmed the episode to spend a wonderful evening with all the connections we have been developing there.

The evening of April 22nd in Denver will consist of eating dinner at El Taco De Mexico to sample Denver’s famous green chili.  We’ll be eating with Sara of An Elemental Life and anyone else who would like to join us (leave a comment and we’ll arrange a time at a later date)!

Then we’ll head over to Fancy Tiger Crafts who so fabulously suggested they host a trunk show for us.  Join us there from 7-9pm so we can meet you and talk sewing and menswear with you!  You’ll even have a chance to examine our sample garments (which are in various stages of wear…brand new to realistically worn in…one garment has even survived a welding burn!).


After the trunk show, we are continuing on for a wind down beer at the intriguing TRVE Brewery.  Apparently the beer is superb and the atmosphere is very unique…does heavy metal and beer strike you as a no-brainer combination?  I can’t say it does for me but I look forward to seeing how it has been done!  We hope anyone in the Denver area can join us for all the fun!

What do you think, am I missing any important sewing-related stops?  Thanks, everyone, for all your helpful comments on my last blog post about the U.S. road trip!