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Sew-Along Announcement! Comox Trunks


sew along poster-01

Ready to sew along?  We’ll be holding a sew-along and contest for our brand new Comox Trunks starting Friday, April 4th.  This will give you plenty of time to purchase your pattern and/or supplies kit.

For the first time, we’re going to include a contest aspect to our sew-along.  All you will have to do to enter is comment on the final sew-along post (I’ll remind you when I make that post, don’t worry) with a link to a photo of your trunks.  Now hold on…before you get disappointed that you won’t be able to enter because no man will ever be brave enough to model your trunks, don’t worry, I will be writing a funny little post on “How to Photograph Your Comox Trunks Sans Sexy Model.”

The winner of our contest (chosen using a random number generator from the selection of comments) will win a prize pack of boxer sewing goodies – a selection of elastics and a selection of great knits – and so they are ready to sew an entire underwear drawer full of Comox Trunks!

Stay tuned for a sew-along schedule and photos of the prize pack!  Will you be joining us?

As per Dan’s great suggestion on our Comox Trunks announcement post, below is a link printable knit stretch guide so that you can choose your fabric even before you’ve received your pattern in the mail.  When you print it, don’t allow the printer to “fit to page” or in any way scale this file.  The black portion of the bar should measure 3″.  Here you go!:

Fabric Choice Guide

Note: Now that I’ve told you the good news, I have a slightly less thrilling announcement about the Comox Trunks sewing pattern.  It has come to our attention that there was a minor error involving pattern pieces 2 & 3.  We will be revising the PDF pattern shortly and will email it to everyone who has purchased it.  For those of you who have purchased the tissue pattern, please refer to our Errata page on our website and please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification while you sew (simply email us at  We’re really really sorry about this error – we will be providing several easy cutting and sewing methods throughout the sew along for you to use if you have purchased this edition of the pattern!

10 thoughts on “Sew-Along Announcement! Comox Trunks

  1. Do you have a link to the elastic you used? I hit up the store I bought the pattern from and a couple others and couldn’t find any in black that was soft enough to be an underwear waistband 🙂

    • Here is the elastic we purchased (only available in bulk!):
      This looks to be a comparable elastic:
      Our elastic isn’t the type with one side that is extra fuzzy (as found on some ready wear underwear) but it is a knitted elastic that is quite smooth and so is comfortable to wear. We looked through all of Matt’s underwear when making our elastic choice and about half of his had this style of elastic!

      If you are unable to find elastic that you think would be comfortable to wear, you could always cover it with fabric by making a rectangle that is the width of the elastic plus two seam allowances and sewing it onto the waistband (I will be demonstrating how to do this for our sew-along!). Good luck!

  2. Perfect timing! My mid semester break starts on the 4th!

  3. If you’re ordering a kit, it will take 5-8 business days so I better push the deadline later! How about May 5th?

  4. Do you know how long the sewalong will last? I gave up fabric shopping for Lent (so, until April 20th), but I really really would love to participate on or after Easter!!!

    • I haven’t made the exact schedule yet but I think we will allow people to comment for a chance to win until April 25th. Will that be enough time for you to enter? I can push the day we draw a winner a little later if need be 🙂

  5. My first thought was: “a Comox Trunk sewalong? Well, of course I will be joining!” and then my second thought:”heeeey, wait a second! getting my man to show of in his boxers? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!” haha… But still, would love to participate:)

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