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Valentine’s Day Treats


Today we have two treats for you:

1. All of our tissue patterns are 15% for the whole weekend, in case all the flowers and chocolates have got you feeling eager to engage in some Selfless Sewing! Enter “VALENTINE” at checkout to receive your discount (sale runs from now until midnight on February 16th).


2. Hunky dudes, courtesy of what Morgan will forever describe as “the best photo shoot ever”. Can you guess what our next pattern is (or are you distracted by the chiselled muscles)?

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Treats

  1. Definitely distracted by the chiselled muscle. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what your next pattern is!

    • šŸ˜€ Hard not to be! My sister is my unofficial ‘modelling agent’ as she is a varsity field hockey player and so managed to wrangle up some very brave (and muscular!) varsity basketball players.

  2. That was my guess, next to skin wear collection.

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  4. Ohh, that must be underwear!

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