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Calling all Peacoat Test Sewers!


Matt gave you a sneak peak of my big peacoat project earlier this week and now, here is the full gallery of photos that resulted from a quick photo shoot with his dad, Rick!

This is the final size medium sample of the Goldstream Peacoat pattern which is now being graded by Sabine over at Suncoast Custom while I work away on the instructions.

As you can see, the pea coat pattern will include an attractive (I think!) combination of classic and modern (read: easy to sew) details.  We’ve included epaulets and sleeve tabs as well as traditional top-stitched pointed lapels but we’ve forgone the tricky welt pockets to instead include unconventional but very easy to sew patch pockets with optional flaps.  The pattern includes a hood which is sewn as a completely separate piece from the coat so as not to complicate the classic pea-coat shape.  During really awful weather the hood can be buttoned to the hidden under-collar buttons so the wearer can stay completely dry and warm.  There  is a center back seam as well as optional front darts (which were not used for the version pictured here) so that the fit of the body is very easy to adjust.  If the darts are sewn in, the fit is very slim and modern (perfect for all the tall slim men who have been loving the fit of our Newcastle Cardigan!) but if they are left un-sewn the fit is as photographed here – a nicely fitted classic peacoat.

Now that things are drawing to a close with the production of the pea coat pattern (finally! You have all been so patient with us while we tackled this huge pattern project!) we are ready to assemble a list of pea coat test sewers.

For each of our other pattern releases we simply sent an email out to our existing test sewing group.  All these people have volunteered to be added to the list either through our website or blog and have been so enthusiastic and helpful each time we require test sewers.  For this pattern, though, we would like to accept new volunteers to add to our existing group in hopes of finding three test sewers with as much coat sewing and general tailoring experience as possible.

If you would like to be added to our test-sewing list for this particular project, comment on this blog post (and we will email you to ask for details on your sewing experience), or skip that step and email us directly ( with either a small write-up detailing your experience or links to online records of relevant projects (be it a blog post, a flickr pool or facebook photos etc.).  Keep in mind that this is quite a big test sewing project and will need to be completed in a time frame of approximately three weeks from when we send you the pattern.  As we expect to send the pattern out to testers within the next two weeks, this means that you will need to devote a good portion of time to sewing the coat this November.  Any test sewers who are already on our mailing list need not re-volunteer as we will send out our usual email once the pattern is ready to send out and you can volunteer for the project at that point!

Thanks for volunteering!

61 thoughts on “Calling all Peacoat Test Sewers!

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  2. A bit late for this coat….If I had know this before I would have done your stuning Peacoat for me. PLease add me to your testers mailing list. You’re welcome to have a look at the coat I’ve sewn :

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  5. Bonjour J’aime beaucoup ce modele qui irait parfaitement a mon mari. Je couds depuis maintenant un an et je serais ravie de compter parmi vos testeuses . Bonne journée

  6. Ce caban est magnifique, et tout à fait dans l’esprit de ce que mon Homme Chéri aime porter. J’ai hâte de pouvoir acheter le patron 😀
    Eventuellement, je serais ravie d’être sur la liste de vos testeuses pour vos futurs projets…
    Très bonne continuation.

  7. It’s too late for this jacket but i would like to be add to your test sewing mailing list

  8. It s too late for this jacket but i would like to be add to our test sewing mailing list. I’ve never sewn for a man, it would be a first.

  9. Too late to the game for this one, but add me to your list! I am in love, no wait, let me say, IN LOVE!!!, with your patterns. I want a girl version of the New Castle Cardigan so I can make me and my husband matching ones. Though not super matchy-matchy, just wool, because a good Seattle girl like me loves our wool. Great work guys. LOVE it.

  10. Please add me to your future list of pattern tester!

  11. Hello,
    I would be very interest to test this jacket for man my husband dreams that I make him(her) one, I have a good experience(experiment) in sewing, I would be in deadlines(extensions), I quickly sew
    Thank you in advance

    • Thank you for volunteering! Unfortunately, we’ve received a huge response to test the peacoat and we selected all the test sewers yesterday. We can add you to our test sewing mailing list for future pattern releases though!

  12. I would gladly test your pattern, as I like to help, and I love the look of this coat.

  13. I would be very flattered to test this pattern for you. I love sewing for men but it’s unfortunately rare to find modern and flattering patterns for men! I’ve already made 3 shirts and designed my own boxer short pattern + I often sew for women, and I currently take sewing courses. Sew a real professionnal coat would be a great experience, this is worth the time of work you ask. Let’s hope you’ll shortlist me for the test!
    (NB: my mothertongue is French but I’m used to reading and sewing in English!)

  14. Bonjour, j’aimerais beaucoup faire parti de votre groupe de test j’ai un fils ainé à habillé pour l’hiver en taille 38 européenne ce serait avec grand plaisir que je testerai votre modèle merci.
    Hello i would like to test your pattern for my teenager (like a man) you can see my blog if you wan’t (sorry for my english) i’m a expérimentaed needlewoman and i have time do to it in 3 weeks thank you

    • Thank you for volunteering! We selected all our test sewers for the coat yesterday but will add you to our test sewing mailing list so you will be notified when we are ready to release patterns for testing in the future!

  15. i sooooo love this pattern. i don’t know if i’ll be able to test (depends on timing!) but keep me on the list! i have done a couple coats, blazer and several jackets, so i think that qualifies me. 🙂

  16. Would love to test your patterns including this lovely peacoat but am going on vacation really soon so am keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Thanks for volunteering! I’ll add you to our test sewers mailing list so even if your vacation interferes for this project you’ll always be able to volunteer for our future releases!

  17. Love this new jacket!!!

    Please add me to your test sewinglist! I Love to Play with Different fabrics and Colors on classic Pattern.


  18. This looks amazing! I’d love to tackle a coat like this for my husband. The last thing I sewed for him was a less structured jacket we cooperatively adapted from a Big 4 pattern. But that was about a decade ago! Mostly sew for my kids or myself now. Love that someone is finally doing such great men’s designs.

  19. Oh how fantastic!! We are doing a Newcastle sew along, really enjoying it. I would love to test this pattern but it is the worst time of year for a craft shop owner to take on extra jobs – Christmas is already enveloping us. Plus it’s getting really hot. But all the very best and I will look forward to purchasing it. Also I would love to know about testing opportunities in the future – plenty of experience to draw on! 🙂

    • I will add you to our volunteer test sewer mailing list so that you will be notified in the future! Are you doing the Newcastle sew-along through your craft shop? I would love to see photos and read the story of the process/results if you get a chance to email or post them on your blog!

  20. I’ve recently started following you and I love your designs, since I have several skinny guys in my family. While I’d love to volunteer to test sew this coat my November is already full of commitments. I’d love to be added to your tester list for next time though if that’s possible.
    Keep up the good work!

  21. Hi I have been hanging out for this pattern since a friend alerted me to the fact you were developing one and I would LOVE to test sew it, having already stashed fabric to make my husband a Pea Coat earlier this year (but failing at my attempt to upsize the Japanese pattern I wanted to use).
    My sewing experience is on show on my blog, but let me if you want some specific project info. I’ve made multiple coasts for myself (pre blog) and more recently coats for my kids and a shirt for my hubby in Feb this year.

  22. I’m so excited about this coat! I have the Newcastle cardigan pattern and I plan to get started on it this weekend. I’ve only sewed children’s coats but I would love to test for you. It would make my husbands day! If not, I’ll definitely be purchasing this when its released.

  23. I would love to test sew this one! Your patterns fit my husband so well, physically and style wise. He loves the peacoat and I’d love to make one for him.

    • Thanks for volunteering! I’m glad that our patterns are such a good match for your husband – I hope they continue to be as we head into our new releases! We’ll be letting everyone know who we’ve chosen as test sewers by email shortly.

  24. I love your design! I don’t have time for a test sewing action, but I’ll love to make it when you start selling it! It looks great!

  25. I’d love to become a test-seamstress for this coat, it looks A-MA-ZING! My best example of sewing experience is a fully lined fitted blazer with back split and lapels… I hope I’ll make the cut, my husband is jealous of everybody getting hand-sewn garments…

  26. I would be interested in testing. I’ve never sewn a coat per say but have done some blazers if that is enough.

  27. such a nice coat! I’ve never sewn a coat before, but would love to be added to your testing list for the future (my husband tends to get left out in the sewing realm!)

  28. This would be a perfect birthday gift for my boyfriend, I’ve been meaning to make one for him for over a year! Love the idea of the optional hood, it would be perfect for our drizzly Oregon weather 🙂

    • Yes, the drizzly (and foggy of late) weather here on Vancouver Island also necessitates a hood. I think its always a nice option to have, especially when it’s removable. I hope that the pattern is ready in time for you to use for your boyfriend’s birthday!

  29. This coat is so cool! Unfortunately, I don’t have the extensive coat sewing experience your looking. But please feel free to add me to your pattern tester list for future projects 😉

  30. I love this jacket. The details are amazing! I don’t even know where to start. I think the side/top entry patch pockets are brilliant and I love the optional hood. These details might not be traditional but they are perfect for this modern reincarnation!

    • I’m glad you like the details we’ve chosen to add! I know it drives me crazy trying to keep my hands warm in top entry patch pockets so side entry were a must for this peacoat.

  31. The detailing is very nice and would be a lovely gift for any man.

  32. Love this garment! Great details!!!

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