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Sewcation Success – The Simplicity 1803 LBD


We’re glad that so many people took advantage of our very first pattern sale last weekend!  If you missed out, don’t worry, we have a couple sales and contests planned for the not too distant future…so be sure to stay tuned to the blog every Friday!

Last weekend’s sew-cation was a delicious break from work sewing.  There are pictures coming up displaying a couple of the projects I worked on later on in this post, but first I MUST show you what arrived in the mail two days ago!!!

4000 of these gorgeous little guys!  We will be including an embroidered garment tag in every sewing pattern envelope to give your carefully sewn garment the perfect finishing touch.  We’re so happy with how the tags look – everything down to the burnt orange colour and the tiny little needles translated very well from a computer graphic into an embroidered design.  On the back of each tag we printed our sewing mantra:





The tags are a ‘manhattan hem tag fold’ style which looks like this:

hem tag

Diagram is from Kiki Creations.

Since the top is folded over twice the label is very versatile: It can sandwich the hem of a shirt (the Strathcona Henley for example) with a simple topstitch across the top, it can be stitched along the top and bottom folds to secure it to a neck facing (the Newcastle Cardigan!) or it’s folds can be opened and ironed flat so that it can be sewn into a collar, side seams or a waistband (this method could work for all three patterns!).

I can’t wait to start using these in my own creations and I hope everyone will enjoy finding one in their package when they buy one of our upcoming paper patterns!


During my sewcation I enjoyed working on two dresses and a draped sweater using the rest of my green Newcastle Cardigan wool.  Today I’ll show you the work-in-progress Little Black Dress (LBD) using Simplicity 1803,.  This is the same pattern that Leisl used for her beautiful Rose and Cabbage dress over at Jorth.  I’m not finished it yet, but it is coming along really nicely!  Here it is on my trusty Diana dress form:


I’ve inserted a lace trim to highlight the interesting neckline.  I was watching The Notebook while I sewed the bodice and I felt the look of the dress really suited the feel of the movie (though maybe not in such a severe colour!).


I’ve yet to sew the armholes because this was the area I had the most fitting trouble with my mock up.  I’m going to leave them raw until I’ve inserted the zipper, that way I will know exactly how everything is fitting and at that point will likely make them a bit bigger.


Here is the mock up that I did using a very thin and synthetic (but oh-so-soft) Value Village sheet.  Based on the reviews over at Pattern Review, I mistakenly decided to cut the dress in the smallest size which was actually two sizes smaller than the pattern envelope told me to use.  The reviews I read all stated that the amount of ease was enormous, which I believe, but I think I was a little over-zealous and should have cut just one size smaller instead of two as the resulting mock up is skin tight on me (and fits my mannequin terribly!).  Hopefully I’ve fixed this sizing problem with the black version of this dress as I really like the comfortable looking fit that Jorth achieved.


I will post a full review of the pattern and photos of me wearing my black dress when I’ve finished it.  In the meantime, Matt and I are getting ready to move (AGAIN) and are looking forward, after a nomadic spring and summer, to settling into our HOME.  We’ve found a lovely place in the Comox Valley (British Columbia, Canada) and have great plans to set up a proper Thread Theory studio.  I look forward to showing you what we come up with!

5 thoughts on “Sewcation Success – The Simplicity 1803 LBD

  1. Love the tags! Your dress is coming along really well. I love the lace detail! I made a version of that pattern recently, too, and it’s definitely one of my favorites 🙂

  2. oh.. 4000 garment tags.. .they looks fabulous!
    And the lace trim on the neckline of your dress adds that je-ne-sais-quoi to a lovely dress! (but the mock up was great too!)
    Good job 🙂
    MammaNene @

  3. Your dress looks great! I’ve FINALLY finished my husbands Jedediah shorts (only about a month later than expected!) so looking forward to our photo shoot and adding them to flickr! Can’t wait to see your finished dress modelled – the lace detail is so pretty!

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