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At the Playground



This week my Mom’s student volunteered to model the XS Newcastle Cardigan that one of our test sewers made up.  My mom reports that he was thrilled with it.  When asked whether he would like to keep it in exchange for his modelling services, and if so whether he would wear it, he replied, “It’s cool so of course I would wear it!”  I’m pretty pleased that I pulled off designing something that is considered cool by a pre-teen!



Last weekend, when visiting family and friends for a long-weekend barbecue we pulled out a few of the samples to do a goofy photo shoot…it got a little out of hand! 🙂



It was great seeing all the different fabric choices lined up side by side.  The garments ranged from sportswear to winter jacket to classy cardigan…all produced with the same pattern!  As you can see from the photos, the cardigan even looked nice on the one female model.  It was a bit tight on her hips as it is cut straight rather than curving to fit a woman’s body but that would be quite a simple fix!  Even without a curved side seam, the cardigan is still a perfect sweater to steal every once in a while from your significant other!

Now it’s time to make your own cardigan to wear when it’s just a touch too warm to wear a jacket this summer.  Matt grabs his bamboo fleece version for everything from warding off the evening chill during a patio dinner to walking to the university when it’s still a bit crisp in the morning.

Have you seen the give-away of the Newcastle Cardigan hosted over at Handmaker’s Factory?  Make sure you leave a comment on their blog article before May 30th for a chance to win!

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4 thoughts on “At the Playground

  1. I just discovered Thread Theory via Louisa on Damselfly’s Delights. What a great pattern your cardigan is – I showed it to my sweetie and he liked it very much. He also wants to learn to sew so I am hatching a plan: the Newcastle can be his first project (with my help, of course!)

    • We’re so glad to hear that boyfriends and husbands are enjoying our pattern! The Newcastle should be a great first pattern to work on; a good combination of simple steps and some trickier spots so you can show off your skills 😉

  2. I love this. I am sure both my husband and son would wear this. Have put it on my sewing list

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