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Pattern Review by Meg


This week, over at Made By Meg, Meg posted a great review of our Newcastle Cardigan pattern.  She was a speedy and wonderfully thorough test sewer for us and her results are fantastic (and her boyfriend makes a great model!).  She used a lightweight sweater knit and faux leather vinyl to create the classic “hard and soft” menswear look.

We’re excited that she enjoyed sewing up the cardigan and noticed the effort we put into creating easy-to-follow instructions.  She also told us that she was glad we had minimized the amount of paper that the cardigan pattern prints out on as paper usage can often be quite huge with PDF patterns…Matt is thrilled she noticed as getting the pattern down to only 24 pages took hours of work!

Thank you Meg for testing our pattern!  Check out Meg’s blog for all sorts of interesting reading and great project pictures…also, be sure to check in on May 15th when she will be offering a give-away to celebrate the launch of our Newcastle Cardigan!

5 thoughts on “Pattern Review by Meg

  1. I really love the collar. Nice work!

  2. i just came across your work, and i’m so excited to see some men’s patterns! most of my sewing has been for myself and kids, but i recently started sewing shirts for my husband. so refreshing to see men’s patterns that don’t include a drawstring and/or elastic waist!

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment! I’m sure you’re husband is glad that you’ve added him to your sewing list 🙂 I look forward to seeing your menswear projects in the future!

  3. It sure looks like your plans to have a line of menswear patterns available by summr 2013 is happening. Good work Matt and Morgan for sticking at it. Also I think Meg did a terrific job of test show! Cheers

    • Thanks! We’re glad we can have the Newcastle Cardigan out a little earlier than expected (May 15th) as the other patterns will be coming out between June and August and we’re excited to have something available to sewers on our site!

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