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Styling the Parkland Collection


In an ode to Mena Trott’s wonderful Make This Look posts over on The Sew Weekly, I’ve made some style boards pairing the Parkland Collection Casual Menswear Patterns with the fabrics I found last week to emulate stylish ready to wear garments.  Have a look!


Garment: Wings & Horns

Fabric: NearSea Naturals

Houndstooth sweater

Garment: Nordstrom

Fabric: Vogue Fabrics

navy sweater

Garment: Nordstrom

Fabric: Nick-of-Time

olive pants

Garment: Wings & Horns


tan chinos

Garment: Wings & Horns

Fabric: Nick-of-Time

olive shorts

Garment: Wings & Horns


red shorts

Garment: Wings & Horns


paisley shorts

Garment: Engineered Garments



Garment: Billy Reid


spring peacoat

Garment: Strellson

Fabric: Mood

duffle coat

Garment: Gloverall

Fabric: Mood


4 thoughts on “Styling the Parkland Collection

  1. I am excited to find a really interesting menswear collection, and will definitely be making these when the patterns become available. Count me in as a willing pattern testing volunteer if you are still needing them too!

    • Thanks for the comment Wendy! I will add you to the test sewing list and will contact you if we need someone to help test our upcoming patterns!

  2. babe I am sooooo excited about this collection!!!! I am going to buy every single pattern!

  3. fun! i think this is the first chance i’ve really been able to look through the whole collection, and i could see making all of those!

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