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The Sewing Community


Today I’m compiling a list of sewing related sites from all over the internet…blogs that make great reading, pattern companies, sewing tips and sewing communities.  This list will always be available on the Community Page on the top bar.



Upbeat tales of sewing successes and adventures that never fail to make me laugh.  She’s famous in the online sewing world and it’s pretty easy to see why – even my husband loves reading her posts!


A woman with an absolutely amazing sense of style – everything she sews makes me want to run to the sewing room to get working!  The detail and colour she puts into every garment is spectacular!


A very organized blog with great reviews and in-depth details on each project.  Meg just finished making her boyfriend a skillfully sewn oilcloth coat.


 Tasia’s blog that accompanies her pattern store is frequently updated with interesting sewing tips, tales of fabric store trips, and thought provoking questions posed to readers.


Sewing and geeky enthusiasm is combined to create the absolutely perfect mix of posts on beautifully sewn dresses and everything from Lord of the Rings inspired stashbusting projects to giant squid stuffed animals.


The number one blog for sewing menswear, Peter presents posts full of advice, information on sewing with vintage machines and patterns, and detailed discussions of his sewing projects (both women and menswear so there’s something interesting to read for everyone).


Pairing poetry with sewing and intriguing photo shoots, this blog is funny, beautiful, and very difficult to stop scrolling through for hours on end!


The variety of projects (and the sheer, overwhelming amount of them!) make this blog very interesting – she seems to sew selflessly for everyone she knows!


A blog absolutely chock full of detailed couture information, all inspired by vintage clothing and Gertie’s love of a flattering, well made garment.  Gertie hosts classes on Craftsy, has produced two Butterick patterns, and has published the book “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing.”


Novita sews for her husband, child and herself and never fails to produce breathtakingly stylish outfits that are very inspiring.  The photography is excellent and her write-ups are personal and interesting.  She has become very skilled at sewing the most beautiful lingerie.


Great menswear inspiration – he isn’t afraid to push boundaries.  I love his use of neutrals and the way he uses raw edges.

Pattern Companies:

  • Colette Patterns – Vintage inspired and beautifully designed.  The patterns come with instruction booklets that include lots of extra tidbits and lovely illustrations.
  • Victory Patterns – Awesome patterns that are easy to sew, trendy and look anything but home-made.  They are available as PDF downloads and the instruction PDF includes photos as well as illustrations – I love that!
  • In-House Patterns – My patternmaking instructor owns this company!  I can tell you, from experience as her student, that she pays an incredible amount of intention to detail and is a complete perfectionist.  I haven’t yet tried her patterns but I bet that they sew up like a dream.
  • Sewaholic Patterns – Patterns for pear-shaped women…but I think they are super flattering and wearable for most figures.  I have sewn her Cambie dress twice (as posted about previously) and loved some of the processes she has come up with, including her great slant pockets.
  • Deer and Doe – A French patternmaking company with very pretty designs.  I have heard great things but have not yet worked up the courage to try the french instructions.
  • By Hand London – A new company I have not yet tried – but I love their packaging!  They have steered away from the traditional envelope and instead created a package inspired by match boxes and books for an end product that sits nicely on a shelf and just asks to be re-used over and over as a base for design variations.

Sewing/Fashion Lessons and Information:

  • Colette Patterns – tutorials section – indispensible!  This is the first place I go if I am thinking of adding a thoughtful detail to an existing pattern or if I’m wondering how to make bias tape or how best to care for a special fabric.
  • Fashion Incubator – a great resource for those wanting to know more about the fashion industry…I have found lots of helpful information on independent pattern companies and patternmaking in general
  • Threads Magazine – how-to section – loads of information is on here with great photos and instructions.  It’s sometimes a little difficult to come up with the right search term, but once you have it, you are pretty much guaranteed an answer to your question.
  • Craftsy – a great resource – especially their video classes.  I’ve taken the Bombshell Dress by Gertie and I can’t believe how much I learned for so little money (Craftsy often puts on very good sales for their classes, but even at full price they are a great deal).  As everyone says, it’s wonderful to be able to pause mid lesson and rewind, have one on one instruction, be able to take the course at any time and for any length of time, and ask questions of both the instructor and your classmates.

Sewing Community:

  • BurdaStyle – Full of all sorts of resources, but I especially enjoy looking at member projects because it is such a large community that there are plenty to scroll through each day.  It is a great way, when reading member’s descriptions of their projects, to come across ideas for new techniques, resources for fabric, and interesting patterns.
  • Pattern Review – I haven’t used this site too much as I find it a little overwhelming to look at (there’s so much going on!) but when I am thinking of purchasing a new pattern, it’s nice to be able to go there to learn what adjustments people have made to it and what the sewn up garment looks like on real people.
  • The Sew Weekly – a great group of ladies who have accepted the challenge of sewing a garment a week for an entire year.  Last year (2012) the group was much larger than in the past so that members did not have to participate in every single week’s challenge but there were a few committed women that did and their projects were very inspiring!  I love seeing how different people interpret the same challenge.

6 thoughts on “The Sewing Community

  1. whoah! i just saw my head under the current BHL post… thank you, over a year late, but thank you!!

    • Haha! This was back when I first started blogging – you’re welcome :). Thank you for still being my very favourite blog to read (and Matt still likes to read your posts too!).

  2. Wow. Great post! I’m new to sewing…just started my own blog about my first steps. This post is really helpful! Thanks.

  3. sooo flattered that you’ve included me in this fabulous bunch of peeps 🙂

  4. Thank you for including my blog amongst such awesome talent.

  5. hey that’s great, thanks for the share! this community is so inspiring!

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